Classic Lashes : 

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The classic lash set is the most natural set that we offer. It is the application of one single lash extension to one natural lash creating a mascara look. The length, style, and curvature is customized during your appointment based on each individual client. 

Hybrid Lashes:

The hybrid lash set is the most customizable set. It is the perfect mix of classic lashes and handmade fans created during the appointment to enhance the eyes. Looking for the perfect wispy, live-in lash look? This is the set for you! Length, style, volume are all determined at the beginning of your appointment. 

Volume Lashes

The volume set is the fullest and most luxurious lash set that we offer. The fluffiness and volume makes it the perfect lash strip look. Whether you want a more natural look or darker fuller look, both are achievable. The length, style and fullness will be discussed at the beginning of your appointment and is customized to each client. 

Lash Lift + Tint

A lash lift + tint is the perfect alternative if you aren't quite ready to jump into lash extensions or want an even more natural look than the classic lashes. This service is the process of perming your natural lashes using a hydrating formula from Elleebana that lasts up to 8+ weeks. Tint is complimentary, both black and dark brown are available,

Signature Facial $105

This service includes a double cleanse, detoxifying scrub mask under steam, extractions if needed, followed by a mask according to skin concern, moisturizer, serum and spf. 

Dermaplane add on available
Ultrasonic exfoliation add on available

Facial + Dermaplane $125

This signature service includes a double cleanse, detoxifying scrub mask under steam, dermaplane (which is the removal of dead skin and peach fuzz creating a more hydrating and radiant appearance) followed by a post hydrating hydrojelly mask, serum, moisturizer and spf.

Facial + Oxygenated Peel $145

This one of a kind oxygenating peel formulation releases bio-oxygen power aiding inner-cellular diffusion and the benefits of lactic acid for cell regeneration revealing baby smooth, youthful looking skin. This service includes a double cleanse, 1-4 layers of the Oxygen Skin Regenerative Peel depending on skin type and concern, followed by a hydrating hydrojelly mask, serum, moisturizer and spf.

Signature Vi Peel

Denver Skin + Co. is now offering Vi Peels. Vi Peel contains a synergistic blend of powerful ingredients suitable for all skin types. This peel will help to improve the tone, texture, and clarity of your skin and provide anti-aging benefits. Tightens skin smooths texture and brightens tone. 

Packages available 
Dermaplane add on package available

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial : $135

This deep pore cleansing facial is the perfect facial for anyone dealing with stubborn acne or is looking to create a customized monthly facial plan with your Esthetician. This service includes a double cleanse with calming and acne fighting cleansers, a detoxyfing scrub mask under steam, followed by a post hydrojelly mask based on skin type/concern, serum, moisturizer and spf.

Add - Ons Include :

Dermaplane add-on : $40
Ultrasonic Exfoliation add-on : $35

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